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  Dental Health 

 Heart Health?

Oral health may pay you back with more than a gleaming, healthy smile.  It may keep your heart healthy too. Though the link between dental health and heart health is not completely clear, experts say it’s important to take care of both.


 Supports a Healthy Bacterial Population in the Mouth

 Supports Good Oral Hygiene and Healthy Teeth and Gums

 Supports the Natural Defense of the Teeth Against Plaque Accumulation

Flora DDS is a chewable probiotic designed to activate in the oral cavity for support of healthy teeth and gums. As you chew the peppermint-flavored tablet, it releases the safe and powerful DSM 14685 strain of Streptococcus salivarius—a beneficial bacterium that normally occurs in a healthy oral cavity. S salivarius DSM 14685 then attaches to cells in the oral cavity and colonizes, positively affecting the bacterial population therein and naturally defending the teeth and gums. Flora DDS can be used as a complementary addition to your daily oral and dental health regimen.*

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Old Cherokee Recipe


Velvet Rescue

One of our Most Popular Aloe Vera Product.

Taken from an old Cherokee recipe, Velvet Rescue is a rich brown blend of triple-concentrated Whole Leaf Aloe Vera, and other native-grown herbs in a stable gel form. Used for bedsores, hemorrhoids, canker sores, fever blisters, stretch marks, poison ivy (oak and sumac), bums—including sunburn—and many other skin irritations. 

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It is as safe to use inside the mouth as on the skin. Keep a jar at home in the medicine chest and one at the office. You never know when you'll want the soothing, restorative magic of Velvet Rescue!

No refrigeration necessary.


Glutathione - The Master Antioxidant

Glutathione functions extensively in tissues and organs throughout the body. It plays critical roles in protecting the body from oxidative stress, maintaining cellular functions, and supporting healthy immune function. The presence of heavy metals, foreign microbes, tissue trauma, inflammatory compounds, and oxidative ..Read More

The All-Important Vitamin C

Supplementing our bodies with the vitamins and minerals they need is very important in the prevention of physical ailments. Given the conditions under which our food supplies are grown and processed many people today are turning to vitamin supplements to make up for a deficiency of vitamins and lost nutrients in their system. Read More

Optimal Brain Function

Representing more than 30 years of neuroscience research, this unique powdered drink formula, developed by Board-Certifi ed Neurologist and internationally recognized leader in nutritional neurology, David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, is designed to enhance brain performance and promote brain health. Read More

The Triggers of Allergy / Asthma Symptoms

Allergy symptoms include itchy eyes and skin, sneezing, nasal congestion, wheezing, and rash. 

What can ignite your allergy /asthma symptoms?

Many common triggers of seasonal allergies are grass, weed, tree pollen, or molds. Read More