Vegetable Fermenting Kit

  • Vegetable Fermenting Kit

Vegetable Fermenting Kit



At home fermentation made easy!  The Perfect Pickler Vegetable Fermentation Kit is perfect for the newbie to veggie fermentation and seasoned vegetable fermenter. The kit comes with a  recipe booklet (dozens of recipes), 4-piece fermenting kit, and quarter pound of Celtic Sea Salt. You provide the wide mouth jars, 1 or 2 quart, and the veggies (organic preferably), Time, mother nature, and the Perfect Pickler kit will do the rest!

It's no secret that fermented and cultured foods play an important role in our diet.  Some will say critical, and they maintain that probiotic foods are foundational health building foods.  Thanks to increased awareness and interest in probiotic bacteria and yeasts, and their impact on gut health, most are now familiar with the term "probiotic", meaning "pro" health.  Our guts are teeming with various bacteria, all playing a role in the digestive process and more.  It's widely accepted that an imbalance in ones GI bacterial environment can lead to health challenges, thanks in part to antibiotic use and the infamous SAD diet that many of us grew up with.  One fantastic way to support ones gut health is by regularly consuming "living" foods, i.e. fermented or cultured foods.  Now you can create your own lacto-fermented veggies using the Perfect Pickler kit and create them in just 4 days!  What a great way to encourage health building habits for you and your family.

Enjoy in good health!

Kit includes everything you need to create delicious, raw, fermented vegetables in just 4 days!