Thyroid 2000 (180 or 540 Tab)

  • Thyroid 2000  (180 or 540 Tab)

Thyroid 2000 (180 or 540 Tab)



Fatigued? Cold Extremities? Low Body Temperature? Thinning Eyebrows?
All classic signs of low thyroid. The blood test currently performed is not exactly accurate. This test will only tell you if you are making what is know as T-4. Unless your body converts T-4 into T-3, it does not do your body any good.

Starr Walker's Thyroid 2000 is the natural, maximum, non-prescription dose of real thyroid available on the market today. What does that mean to you? It means Starr Walker's Thyroid 2000 goes to work with your body, naturally, instead of fighting with your body, as will some of the synthetic thyroid replacement therapies on the market today.

If you know you need it, Thyroid 2000 is available in both one-month and the economical three-month supplies.

If you still aren't sure, consider the Thyroid Test Kit, a complete, easy-to-use test you do in the privacy of your own home.

Each tablet is .334 grains, or 22 mg. Three tablets = 1 grain, or 66 mg. (To convert milligrams to grains: ____mg X .01 543 =_____grains.)

Dosage: Three (3) tablets at breakfast, three (3) tablets at lunch.
Monitor pulse. If it goes over 90, reduce dosage to two (2) at breakfast and two (2) at lunch. If still over 90, reduce to one (1) and one (1).

Available in one supply (180 tabs) and in three months supply (540 tabs)

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