What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are bacteria that line your digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection.  

The root of the word probiotic comes from the Greek word pro, meaning "promoting," and biotic, meaning "life." 

Many think of bacteria as something that causes disease. But the human body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are often called "friendly", "good", or "healthy" bacteria because they promote a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system.

Most people, including children, are in need of a probiotic boost due to exposure and use of antibiotics, sugar, tap water, GMO foods, grains, emotional stress, chemicals and medications.

Your first steps to better health begin with Starr Walker probiotics.

Flora 4 Life, Flora Daily, Flora DDS, and Flora ENT.

To help ensure stability, The 3rd Opinion Inc packages the Flora capsules in sealed, nitrogen-purged aluminum blister packs to serve as protection from factors proven to compromise the stability of probiotics, such as heat, moisture, and oxygen. 

Careful selection of organisms is another way The 3rd Opinion Inc helps ensure stability. Careful organism selection, as performed for Star Walker Flora products, is also a critical aspect of supporting digestive survival. 

To further support resistance to low pH and the delivery of microorganisms to the small intestines, The 3rd Opinion Inc employs DRcaps™ gastro-resistant capsules. These specially designed, innovative capsules helpslow exposure of actives to stomach acid to promote a more targeted release.


100 Billion CFU Probiotics

Maintain Healthy Intestinal Microecology
• Support Balance of Healthy Flora During/Post-Antibiotic Therapy
• Support the Natural Immune Response
• Support Bowel Regularity
• Improve Lactose Tolerance
*May be strain-specific

Products E - G

E - Products

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  • E-Annatto 30 softgels

    E-Annatto 30 softgels

    E-Annato (DH)1850)  30 softgels  Servings Per Container : 30Overview:E-Annatto is a unique tocopherol-free, tocotrienols-only product, featuring tocotrienols sourced from… $18.95
  • Electrolytes (30 Ct.)

    Electrolytes (30 Ct.)

    Electrolytes are a unique blend of 11 minerals formulated to help give you the best workout possible.Electrolytes is a proprietary blend of Ionic minerals that helps main… $34.95
  • EndoStasis  120 caps

    EndoStasis 120 caps

    • Supports Balance of the Female Hormone Cycle*• May Ease Common Symptoms Associated with PMS and Menopause*• Promotes Estrogen Detoxification*• Provides Antiox… $46.20
  • EPA/DHA Blend HC Liquid (5 FL.Oz.)

    EPA/DHA Blend HC Liquid (5 FL.Oz.)

    Great Tasting, High Potency, Purity Certified Fish OilEPA-DHA Liquid is an ideal source of health-promoting, antioxidant-stabilized, omega-3 essential fatty acids from purity-teste… $46.46
  • EPA/DHA Blend Plus 720 (120 Sftgel.)

    EPA/DHA Blend Plus 720 (120 Sftgel.)

     Omega-3 fatty acids benefit heart health. Whether you are in good shape, at risk, or suffering cardiovascular disease". (American Heart Association)Heart: By helping reduce t… $48.75
  • Extra Strength 5-MTHF (60 caps)

    Extra Strength 5-MTHF (60 caps)

    Supports Healthy Serum Folate* •• Supports the Conversion of Homocysteine to Methionine* •• Supports Methylation* •• Supports Nervous System and Oral Health* •• Supports Normal… $62.38
  • Extreme Greens Espresso (30 servings)

    Extreme Greens Espresso (30 servings)

    Extreme Greens Espresso is an easy mixing, great tasting and energizing “phyto-nutrient” powder mix loaded with certified organic, whole food plant extracts.* It also sup… $48.95
  • Eyetrition  (60 caps)

    Eyetrition (60 caps)

    Eyetrition provides a broad spectrum of nutrients specifically selected to support the function of the eyes:►Mixed carotenoids along with preformed vitamin A naturally sourced from… $44.45
  • FLO-Best (60 softgels)

    FLO-Best (60 softgels)

    As men age, the need for maintaining or supporting normal prostate and lower urinary tract (LUT) health and function increases. FLO-Best represents the latest in specialized formul… $38.73
  • Flora Daily + Sb  (30 caps)

    Flora Daily + Sb (30 caps)

    Helps Maintain a Healthy Intestinal Microecology*Supports Bowel Regularity*Supports Gastrointestinal-Based Immunity*Flora Daily + Sb is ideal for individuals seeking a well-rounded… $40.29
  • Flora Fix (60 Caps)

    Flora Fix (60 Caps)

    Current Antibiotic RXDiarrhea - predominant IBS / Fargile digestive tractC - difficle ToxinAcute or Chronic GastroeniteritisColitis, including Pseudo-membranousAcute Diarrhea in In… $42.40
  • Flora4Life (30 Caps)

    Flora4Life (30 Caps)

    Maintain Healthy Intestinal Microecology• Support Balance of Healthy Flora During/Post-Antibiotic Therapy• Support the Natural Immune Response• Support Bowel Regularity• Improve La… $72.43
  • FloraMax 350 (15 Stick Packs)

    FloraMax 350 (15 Stick Packs)

    FloraMax 350 benefits: Supports a Healthy Microbiome*Replenishes Good Bacteria in the Gut*Supports the Natural Immune Response*Supports Lactose Digestion*Supports Bowel Regula… $102.60
  • GI Pep Restore  60 tabs

    GI Pep Restore 60 tabs

    GI Pep Restore Supports Gastric HealthGI Pep Restore is a zinc-carnosine complex consisting of elemental zinc as well as L-carnosine, a naturally occurring dipetide (beta-alanine a… $45.40 Currently Unavailable
  • Glut-END (90 caps)

    Glut-END (90 caps)

    Glut-END  is a targeted protease enzyme supplement that has been clinically shown to digest gluten proteins in humans, in vitro, and in a gastrointestinal model. This formula … $64.84
  • GMG Liposomal Spray 1oz.

    GMG Liposomal Spray 1oz.

    GMG  -  Gaba,  Melatonin,  Glutathione, 30 svgs. _ 1 Fl. OzPowerful Support for a Healthy Sleep-Wake CycleGMG provides a powerful blend of GABA, Melatonin and G… $29.90
  • Green Power "Organic"

    Green Power "Organic"

    Springboard's Organic Green Power™ is a nutritionally dense blend of green superfoods that will help energize your body, alkalize your blood, detoxify your cells and stre… $39.80
  • Gia Wellness Car Harmonizer

    Gia Wellness Car Harmonizer

    The new and improved GIA Car Harmonizer is the most convenient way to enjoy an energetically harmonious environment in your car. In addition to its outstanding energetic quali… $188.50
  • Gia Cell Guards

    Gia Cell Guards

    Cell Guard Models   Cell Guard ClassicThe dome-shaped Cell Guard Classic utilizes a powerful-grade adhesive for long-term, worry-free application to your cell phone devic… $43.95 Select Options
  • GIA Universal Guard

    GIA Universal Guard

    Universal GuardThe revolutionary GIA Universal Guard provides your first line of defense against electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from common household and office devices. It a… $49.00
  • Gia Home Harmonizer

    Gia Home Harmonizer

    The GIA Home Harmonizer is the most advanced way to create an energetically harmonious environment in your home, office, and/or hotel room. This innovative device is the resul… $234.50
  • Gia Pendant Lite

    Gia Pendant Lite

    Gia life pendant lite5.00 out of 5 based on 10 customer ratingsThe GIAlife Pendant provides you with a body-worn, bioenergetic solution to help you deal with everyday deb… $171.50