Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (28 Veg Caps)

  • Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (28 Veg Caps)

Herbal Anti-Inflammatory (28 Veg Caps)





Oxidative Support

Each of the ingredients in this exclusive formula is backed by years of use in traditional herbal medicine, as well as by published research in peer-reviewed journals. Boswellia serrata, white willow bark and bioflavonoids have all been shown to possess good anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties through the inhibition of COX-2 and 5-LOX enzymes. The proprietary bioflavonoid blend provides antioxidant protection against damage to soft tissue.

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Individuals sensitive to salicylates or taking any medication contraindicated with salicylates (eg guafenisen) should avoid Herbal Anti-Inflammatory™. No special warnings or precautions are required other than avoiding the extract during pregnancy and lactation as is recommended for all salicylic acid derivatives. Willow bark extract does not significantly affect platelet aggregation.13 However, the slight impact may have clinical relevance in patients who have impaired thrombocyte function (clotting ability).14 Avoid if allergic to any ingredient. Not tested in children.

Dosage: Effectiveness appears to be dependent upon dose and length of treatment with increasing pain relief at a higher dose and over a period of time. Generally, two capsules, two or more times a day have been reported to be effective. The European Monograph does not call for any restriction upon the duration of treatment with willow bark; however, there is not sufficient safety information regarding the daily use of boswellia without any breaks over periods longer than about 32 weeks.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.