Healthy Prostate Formula (60 Tabs)

  • Healthy Prostate Formula (60 Tabs)

Healthy Prostate Formula (60 Tabs)



Healthy Prostate Formula
Promotes all around heath for those with the following indications:
Hypertrophy of the Prostate
Kidney Problems
Frequent Urination
Back and/or Knee Ache
Numbness of Hands and Feet
Circulation Problems
Reduced Sexual Drive

Many men suffer from urinary disorders associated with aging. In traditional Chinese medicine such disorders were attributed to the interplay of three factors: kidney deficiency (or a weakness of the kidney, which governs urination), accumulation of dampness (which the kidney is not strong enough to eliminate) and heat (which is generated by the dampness, when it is not expelled for prolonged periods). Over hundreds and thousands of years Chinese physicians accumulated vast clinical experience that developed treatment techniques such as supplementing the kidney, eliminating dampness, and clearing up the heat. The formulation for Healthy Prostate Formula is based upon a traditional Chinese understanding of the factors that create prostate disorders.
The Chinese have studied pollen grains and their use as a dietary supplement. Not only have they researched pollen grains' part in plant reproduction, but they have also examined what these golden yellow grains can do to enrich our diet. These pollen grains are a natural wholesome food source, which can replenish our sometimes nutritionally inadequate American diet.
By incorporating pollen with distinct supporter amino acids, you are assured of a balanced formula with optimum benefits. Buckwheat pollen (bee pollen) is often referred to as nature's most complete food. Research studies document the therapeutic efficacy and safety of Buckwheat pollen (bee pollen) combined with an amino acid blend and have bound it has an anti-androgen function and can help change the urethra mucous membrane and surrounding tissue. This promotes a normal size prostate.
Healthy Prostate Formula taken as a dietary supplement may help promote a normal size prostate. Healthy

Prostate Formula helps bio-regulate organism functions such as:
Immune system
Lipid metabolism
Blood cholesterol level
Function of prostate
* not a Starr Walker product

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