Fulvic Acid Mineral Water (32 Fl. Oz.)

  • Fulvic Acid Mineral Water (32 Fl. Oz.)

Fulvic Acid Mineral Water (32 Fl. Oz.)



Mother Natures Organically Cheleated Mineral Supplement

Every organ, gland, and muscle in the human body requires trace minerals to function properly.  Unfortunately, modern cultivation methods have greatly reduced the mineral content in the plant food we eat.

Fulvic Acid Mineral Water is a concentrated mineral solution extracted from an ancient deposit of organic plant material using a process which does not destroy fulvic acid.  Fulvic acid, created by plant photosynthesis, naturally chelates the minerals in the product so they are 100% bioavailable.  Fulvic acid is also a powerful natural electrolyte which plays an important role in every stage of cellular metabolism.  Fulvic Acid Mineral Water contains no added sugars, flavorings or preservative.

Suggested Use:  Two to four tablespoons in the morning or afternoon.  May be mixed with grapefruit, orange, or cranberry juice to reduce the astringent mineral taste.

Shake before each use.


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